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Yom Sheini, 18 Kislev 5776
  • photo by Larry Novik
  • photo by Larry Novik
  • photo by Larry Novik
  • Annual Picnic Softball game
  • Annual Picnic

Welcome to Temple Sinai

Welcome to Temple Sinai’s website! We hope you find it helpful, whether you are a member of the synagogue or just visiting.

Temple Sinai is a vibrant and welcoming Reform synagogue located in historic downtown Saratoga Springs. We have about 210 families and individual members who come from diverse backgrounds in Jewish practice and traditions.50th anniversary logo

Our unpretentious and egalitarian community includes interfaith families, families from the LGBT community, young families and seniors. Our members are committed to the study of torah, as well as tikkun olam, tzedakah, and miztvot.

We are particularly proud of our thriving Religious School, which has about 135 students. More than 90 percent of our b’nai mitzvah students remain enrolled in our confirmation program through high school.

Our charismatic rabbis, Linda Motzkin and Jonathan Rubenstein, are a married couple who have served Temple Sinai since their 1986 ordination. Their depth of Jewish knowledge and devotion to torah and mitzvot, their ability and willingness to minister to Jews of all backgrounds and traditions, and their commitment to tikkun olam have made them a beloved and respected part of Temple Sinai and the Saratoga Springs community.

Temple Sinai is committed to the mitzvah of Ahavat ger (loving the stranger) for those not yet connected or integrated into our congregation, as well as Keruv (drawing near all who are far) for the newest temple member to lifelong congregants.


  • Annual Appeal

    Here at Temple Sinai, school is in full swing and winter community activities are beginning.  Some of these activities include blood drive, Victorian Stroll, First Night, and staffing the Christmas dinner at the soup kitchen.  Adult Education, Jewish Community Arts, and a myriad of social, spiritual, and educational programs are occurring every week at Temple.


    I would like to remind everyone that we are also deep into our Annual Appeal season which always follows the High Holidays - a time when, among other things central to our Jewish lives, we think Mitzvot and Tzadakah.


    As has been said many times before, but worth a reminder, dues and fees do not cover the full expenses of the Temple Sinai building, school, programs, and services. Those of us who spend long hours in volunteer mode here at Temple Sinai see our Mitzvot of contributing to the Annual Appeal as Tzedakah and part of our commitment to our Jewish community and our synagogue.  The sincere hope is that each of you feels likewise, that it is your Temple, and an important part of your Jewish life. With that mindset, we urge you to be a part of this campaign to assure Temple Sinai continues to provide that which we frequently think little about, but always count upon.


    We look to our entire Temple Sinai family to contribute to the Annual Appeal to the degree they are able. Certainly sizeable donations are appreciated; however our goal is to have 100% of our Congregants participate in some way, without regard to the dollar amount. If every family gave even a very modest contribution we would soon reach our $30,000.00 goal. To the dozens who have already stepped up, please accept my sincere thank you on behalf of all synagogue leadership. 


    Please be a part of this effort. Every dollar is important and we look forward to your support of Temple Sinai. Please send your donation today!


    Mit a hartsikn dank (with heartfelt thanks)


  • School Tools Project

    School Tools is a program designed to benefit school age children in the Saratoga County area. Members of Temple Sinai and the Presbyterian New England Congregational Church are collecting and sorting the supplies while the Franklin Community Center will distribute the donations beginning in the summer of 2016.

    The project is ongoing. Between now and the end of April 2016, please purchase the needed school supplies and place your donation in the collection boxes located at Temple Sinai. In May, committee members from both Temple Sinai and PNECC will organize and transport the items to the Franklin Community Center. Next summer, children from the area will be invited to come to the Center to gather what they need to help them begin a successful new school year.

    When you are shopping, please consider picking up items to donate to this important project. If you are interested in helping with this activity by donating, sorting, and storing the supplies, please contact Ronnie Silver ( for further information.


    • Back Packs
    • Markers
    • Colored Pencils
    • Whiteboard Markers
    • Boxes of Tissues
    • Crayons
    • Binders
    • Spiral Notebooks
    • Pencils/Pencil Cases
    • Glue Sticks
    • Scotch Tape
    • Folders
    • Dividers
    • Highlighters
    • Index Cards
    • Rulers
    • Composition Books

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