50 Mitzvot

Thank you to all members of the Temple Sinai Community who helped us generate this list of 50 mitzvot in honor of Temple Sinai’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

  1. Donation to a nonprofit charity
  2. Donation to a nonprofit charity
  3. Food and cash donation to a family in need
  4. Made a lasagna for the EOC dinner
  5. Read/visited with seniors at Wesley Nursing Home
  6. Made a lasagna for the EOC dinner
  7. Volunteered at the dance museum
  8. Welcomed Skidmore students into our home to celebrate the holiday
  9. Donation to a nonprofit charity
  10. Volunteering professional services to a health care foundation
  11. Donation to a charity through sponsoring others in a walk-a-thon
  12. Planned a fundraising event
  13. Members of the congregation participating in Mooncatchers program to help girls in Third World countries.
  14. Built a sukkah, hosted friends and ate in it too!
  15. Donation to the Comfort Food Community
  16. Mentoring a high school junior
  17. Chairing a committee to raise funds for disabled children and adults
  18. Volunteer at the Book Bag at the library
  19. Made doggie treats for the dog shelter
  20. Shoveled for a neighbor
  21. Donation to Code Blue
  22. Preparing to work as an advocate for children with disabilities
  23. Volunteer greeter for Code Blue Shelter
  24. Made lasagna for EOC
  25. Donated towels to Saratoga County Animal Shelter
  26. Donated hand warmers to Code Blue Shelter
  27. Caleb and Dale Eglin (age 9) collect donations for the Shelters of Saratoga every year instead of receiving gifts for their birthday.
  28. Hannah Thompson volunteers during her school lunch period to help a new student from Mexico learn to read.
  29. Hannah Thompson is a member of Saratoga Humanities Youth for Transformations, a teen-age theatre troupe that creates and performs pieces for productive change, advancing the “act” in “activism”.
  30. Delivering challah to Wesley
  31. Visiting with an elderly lady at Wesley
  32. Delivering challah to Prestwick Chase
  33. Organizing a food drive at Skidmore College for the benefit of Franklin Community Center
  34. Helped to clean up the town of Manchester, VT
  35. Spending time with elderly people in the community
  36. Helping Sustainable Saratoga with the bring your own bag program
  37. Playing pool with an elderly man at the Senior Center
  38. Doing yard work for an elderly couple
  39. Helping grandparents around the house with chores
  40. Taking care of someone’s dog during their surgery and recovery
  41. Volunteering at a refuge center
  42. Donating to a charity
  43. Sponsoring a tee at a charity golf tournament
  44. Doing the sound at a community dance event
  45. Donating a bag of non Passover foods each night of Passover to the Franklin Community Center food pantry.
  46. Donating handmade blankets to the Veteran’s hospital
  47. Leading Shabbat services
  48. Chanting Torah
  49. Volunteered at the EOC soup kitchen
  50. Donate to the Friends of the IDF
  51. Monthly reoccurring monetary donation to “Mazon – A Jewish Response To Hunger” charity.
  52. Volunteer as a board member for the Capital District chapter of the Jewish National Fund.