Art n’ Sip Midrash w/ Shawn Banner

Join our beloved Temple Sinai teacher and artist Shawn Banner on January 5th at 7pm for creative expression related to the weekly Torah portion of Sh’mot, which includes the encounter between God and Moses at the burning bush. Provide your own sip (wine, juice, whatever) and artistic materials*, and Shawn will provide instruction and inspiration to unleash your creativity. Who knows what Divine Encounters may ensue?!
*Common art materials include: pre-stretched canvas and acrylic paint, markers, water-colors, colored pencils, crayons, etc and paper–all of which can be purchased at Target, Walmart, etc in the “school and craft” section, but feel free to use whatever you like, or check with Shawn about more details.
For more info or to register–reach out to Shawn Banner or the office.