Covid Guidelines Approved by Board

The Temple Sinai Board has approved the Covid guidelines that were developed by the Medical Advisory Group…

Temple Sinai Covid-19 Guidelines

Approved by Board of Trustees August 11, 2021

PREAMBLE: All guidelines and recommendations are subject to change and review because of the uncertainty of Covid-19 and the variants. Temple Sinai will follow CDC guidelines and consider regional COVID conditions.

  1. Sunday school is expected to resume in-person meetings for the fall. Hebrew school is
    expected to continue on Zoom. We will consider the protocols of the Saratoga Springs
    Public Schools as a guideline, but we may establish our own requirements.
  2. Services and large group gatherings will occur initially only in the West Wing.
  3. Indoor services will require masks and maintain social distance guidelines as
    recommended by the CDC, regardless of vaccination status.
  4. Masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfectant wipes will be available at all events.
  5. The number of people allowed at a service will depend upon the social distance
    guidelines and the space available in the West Wing.
  6. Seats for special events may be made available either by lottery or reservation.
  7. For the time being, there will be no onegs. We can do kiddush and motzi for ritual
  8. The Avodah Committee will weigh in on the format of services (in person, on Zoom,
    hybrid) and how often we offer each format.
  9. Shabbat services with a Bar/Bat Mitvah will accommodate a set number of seats at social
    distancing, based upon current CDC guidelines.

    • Families will be notified as soon as possible in advance of the number of seats
    • Families will be responsible for choosing which guests will attend in person.
    • Some seats will be reserved for members of the congregation.
  10. Small gatherings of up to 15 vaccinated people can meet in the Temple building, masks
    will be required.
  11. If the approved outside groups use the Temple facilities, they will be required to wear
    masks, follow social distancing guidelines, and follow all Temple Sinai Covid guidelines.