Dalet Class Passover Baking

From Temple Sinai Interim Education Director, Sylvia Bloom, to her Students ~ I hope you’re all having a wonderful Pesach and spring break- so nice they coincided this year! I wanted to share with you part of an email from teacher Beth to the Dalet class after their Passover cook-a-thon at her house last week…

Dalet Class Passover 2016

As I finish cleaning up from our Dalet class cooking extravaganza I am filled with a deep sense of gratitude.

I’m grateful to the parents who were here to help as well as to all the kids who were here. They were wonderfully enthusiastic and had a great time… Thanks to Rebecca, my Dalet class cohort, I love knowing I have your support. I am so thankful to the whole of the Temple Sinai community who routinely comes together to support and bring joy to each other. The Rabbis have nurtured this amazing congregation and I am honored to be a member of it.

Thank you all,…(especially the parents who helped clean up…WOW!)


school rolling matzah

Thank you, Beth- we are very grateful for you, an inspiring teacher and mentor for our students!

Photos by Daniel Novik