Standing in Solidarity – Tree of Life Gathering

The response from our community to the Memorial and Solidarity Gathering this past Monday evening was heart-warming, as were the hearts pasted to the door of Temple Sinai on Monday morning, with messages of love and support from our non-Jewish neighbors and friends. (You can read about it and see photos at the Temple’s Facebook page.)

It is important to remember that we are not alone. We draw strength from each other, we draw strength from community, and we draw strength from both giving and receiving support.

Here are some things we can do to give and receive support:

  1. Be Jews. Embrace the uplifting, life-affirming spiritual practices of our tradition, especially now, especially this Shabbat. Light Shabbat candles. Give blessings to your loved ones. (You can find Shabbat blessings here.) Show up at Shabbat services this weekend (Fri., Nov. 2 – 6pm, oneg preceding at 5:30; Sat., Nov. 3 – 10:30am). Raise your voice in song and prayer with your Jewish community, and be sure to give and receive hugs. Refuse to allow the joy of Shabbat to be diminished. Join the national “Show Up for Shabbat” initiative.
  2. Help the people of Tree of Life – Or L’Simcha congregation and families of the victims can be found here.
  3. Support HIAS, the national Hewish immigrant rights organization that was a particular target of the killer’s hate. Information on donating to and taking action through HIAS can be found here.
  4. Work locally for racial and economic justice and the rights of refugees and immigrants through MLK Saratogaand the Saratoga Immigration Coalition.
  5. Remember to vote next Tuesday, and encourage others to vote!

We draw strength from all of you and look forward to seeing you at Temple Sinai.

~ Rabbis Linda and Jonathan


Here are some pictures of the evening, some hearts made and left at the Temple, and flowers dropped off…


Check out our facebook page for more photos…