Temple Sinai New Year Tzedek Food Drive

As Rabbi Linda and Rabbi Jonathan shared with the congregation at High Holiday services, this Rosh Hashana was the start of the seventh year, a Sabbatical or Shmita year.

As a congregation, we will be exploring the ways that this year can help us to engage with contemporary issues that are directly or indirectly related to the concept of the Biblical shmita or release.

Over the course of the year we will be looking at how we, as a Jewish community can grow in our understanding of our relationship to rest and work, our relationship to food production and land preservation, our definition of and our relationship to community, our relationship to debt and debt relief, and the issue of consumption itself.

The harvest festival of Sukkot is a perfect time to think about how we can share the abundance of food that is available to us in our lives, with those who are less food-secure.

September 20 through the 28 During the festival of Sukkot, please bring non-perishable foods to Temple
Sinai’s sukkah. Drop off in the bins provided by the Sukkah located on the side of the Temple.

Sunday, September 26 For the 1st day of Sunday School families and students will visit the sukkah and bring non-perishable foods to participate in the Tzedek Food Drive.