The History of Temple Sinai’s Women’s Groups

We are happy to announce the revitalization of Temple Sinai’s Women’s Group, Miriam’s Well.

A women’s group at Temple Sinai has been longstanding, although it has taken different forms through the years. Over 30 years ago, the Women’s Group of Temple Sinai was called Rosh Hodesh. This leaderless group met monthly and used Penina Adelman’s book entitled Miriam’s Well: Rituals for Jewish Women Around the Year (1996) as a guide to study our Jewish heritage and rituals and follow the cycle of the moon.

Later, Temple Sinai’s women’s group became “Sisters Ami.” This group was larger and lasted for many years under the leadership of Marsha Boelio and Robyn Silverman. We developed a Temple Sinai Book Club, provided High Holiday Onegs, and gifted B’Nai MitzvahsStudents with an engraved Kiddish Cup. We also sponsored several programs and activities.

Today, we continue the tradition of women gathering together to provide service to the temple community as well as opportunities to build friendships. We will continue the programs and various activities and add new ones, as we have done in the past.

We took the name “Miriam’s Well “ in honor of Miriam and the role she played in our history of providing care and love for others in her community. And this name also brings the history of women’s groups full circle in recalling the guide book for the Temple Sinai Rosh Hodesh group of three decades ago.

We hope to hear from all of the women in Temple Sinai. We would love women of all generations to join us. Please contact Lori Zwicker ( or Robyn Silverman ( for more information.

Image is an 18th-century oil painting of ‘The Song of Miriam.’
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)