Zoom Community Passover Seder – Friday, April 15 at 6 pm

  • To join the Community Seder via Zoom, check the announcements for login info.
  • You can join the community at 6 pm for candle-lighting and Kiddush and then log off to do the rest of the Seder on your own.
  • To enhance your home Seder experience, we encourage you, if possible, to set up your computer or device in a different location than your office or usual workspace, and to create a festive Passover environment with the following Seder foods and items if available:
  • candles and matches
  • Kiddush cup, wine or grape juice
  • matzah
  • a dish of saltwater and parsley or other green
  • hard-boiled egg
  • horseradish or another bitter herb
  • charosets (simplest recipe is one chopped apple, mixed with walnuts or pecan, and moistened with sweet wine or grape juice – proportions of each to your taste)
  • Print out your own copies of our Temple Sinai “Saratoga Haggadah” or have it open on another screen. (click here)